Saturday, August 22, 2009

School Uniforms

At first, I was nervous about school uniforms. My primary concern was comfort (because of sensorily-sensitive children) and my secondary concern was keeping them clean in a timely manner. As it turns out (so far) Lydia, Andy and Abby are quite pleased with them. They like that they don't have to worry about what to wear, and that everyone seems to be on the same level at school. They have a casual outfit and a more formal outfit. As soon as we break in the shoes, it will all be good!


  1. What I like is that they all look so young in their uniforms. Those clothes will keep them their actual ages instead of turning them into teenagers too soon!

  2. i. love. those. shoes.

  3. hey,chappelldeckert family! its ardy and chloe. chloe thinks your school is awesome, and wonders how much you like having to wear uniforms.
    i, ardy, think it looks amazing! abby, lydia, and andy, you all must feel like you are in little house on the prairie, only you are in the mountains. have you made many friends, and how is the spanish coming? i miss babysitting you guys. we LOVE your car, but on the first time i drove to church, i hit the excelorator instead of the brake when i tried to park and ran into another car. oops. its okay, its only a little dented.
    we miss you guys! i love the pictures!!!!
    ardy and chloe. :)