Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Life in 10 bags

It will be interesting to look back at what we brought and realize what it was that we really needed. While now these look completely random, we had to do a lot of sorting, repacking, and redistributing weight (including getting rid of 25 pounds of kids clothes). It is a miracle we made it.

Bag 1: 47 pounds
Skateboard, soccer bag, three ziplocks of doll clothes, basketball, hat, tennis shoes, six stuffed animals, flute, cotton sheets, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Bag 2: 49 pounds
4 ziplocks of playmobil, 4 ziplocks of legos, fleece sheets for Lydia, soccer ball, football, packet of Polly Pockets, 3 school workbooks, belts for Andy and Lydia, knitting supplies and some yarn, three pairs of kid shoes, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Bag 3: 50 pounds
Jen’s clothes

Bag 4: 50 pounds
Three fitted cotton sheets, hand blender, scrabble, imagineiff, baggie of misc computer and ipod chords, ipod nano, extra ear buds, two laundry baskets, various violin and fiddle books, Mennonite hymnal, scrapbooks from Kansas, external hard drive, craft supplies, Jen extra shoes, glitter glue, baby doll, four guitar song books, package of Luna bars, one beach towel, 2 bike helmets, flip flops more yarn, peanut butter, chocolate chips.

Bag 5: 48 pounds
Aaron’s clothes, Tivoli radio, ipod speakers, aromatherapy diffuser.

Bag 6: 49 pounds
Sunflower seed packets, three more hats, two bathrobes, two sets shin guards, hair dryer, travel sewing kit, candle holders for table, four candles, misc. toys, Spanish dictionary, the Mouse and the Motorcycle book set, one prayer book, pillow cases from home, oil painting of 2417, two kid sweatshirts, dance shoes, one empty scrapbook, Christmas box, two shoulder rests, two warm coats, prayer shawl, prayer stones.

Bag 7: 48 pounds
Two hats and gloves, new sweater for Aaron, hot water bottle, metronome, two more Spanish books, raincoat for Jen, More with less, scrapbook materials, Spanish bible, Recorder, Fife, Small French press, bike tool, five violin books, Lonely Planet Colombia, walkie talkies, essential oils, wooden cross, two calendars, 8 pairs of socks, peanut butter, chocolate chips.

Bag 8: 48 pounds
Kids clothes, more stuffed animals, Jen’s mediation manual, Aaron’s PCM manual.

Bag 9: 48 pounds
More kids clothes, Lydia’s bag of treasures, three journals, Josephina books, small case of CDs, Aaron’s shin guards, two pairs soccer shoes, six mediation books from Julie Hart, beading box, Yolanda photo, Hanna artwork, two extra pairs of shoes, chocolate chips, peanut butter.

Bag 10: 48 pounds
Six months of vitamins, more soccer shoes, all DVDs, one baggie doll clothes, three pocket knifes, bike helmet, baseball hats, kid rain coats, sky ball, water bottles, peanut butter, Dove chocolates.

We all carried on our backpacks (Aaron his man-purse), two dolls, giant stuffed dog, mandolin, and three violins.


  1. Ah...! Travelling around airports and places, have been there too, know your feelings...