Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spirit Child (A Story about friendship, resilience, saying goodbye, and being strong)

> Chapter 1
On the top of a small Colorado mountain there was a gigantic thunderstorm. Under the storm cloud there was a small cottage. There was a huge Boom! And a small baby girl was born.

9 years later….

A small, scraggelly girl named Luna was playing in a stream with her best friend, Anni-Jane. Luna lived in the cottage that the storm cloud had hovered over nine years ago. Luna was a strange girl. She had black hair. She wore overall short with red converse with white dots (she only wore shoes when she had to). She had one small braid in her hair. One eye was half green, half purple and the other was green.

Anni-Jane had been her best friend since, well, forever. But Luna had not told Anni-Jane only one thing. She was a spirit child. She had special ways of communicating with her ancestors. One of her favorites was Naomi, her great, great Grandmother gypsy. Luna had inherited her eyes and her hair, which was much unlike her parents. Her parents had brown eyes with light blonde hair. Luna knew that she had been born out of the sky and soon it would be time for her to go back.

“Anni-Jane?” Luna asked.

“Yes?” said Anni-Jane in a sing-song voice

“I have to tell you something.” said Luna “I’ve never told anyone this before, but I am a Spirit Child.”

“What’s that?” asked Anni-Jane.

Luna told Anni-Jane everything to do with a Spirit Child from being born to talking to the sky.

“Wow.” Said Anni-Jane “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Well, because I knew I had time left in this world. But now my time is running out. My parents know that I must go back to the world I came from Will you help me?” asked Luna, a little wary of the question.

“Of course!” said Anni-Jane, “but could I come with you?”

“I don’t know, I will talk to Naomi tonight” said Luna.

Chapter 2: The Return

That night Luna talked to Naomi, and Naomi said that if Anni-Jane really wanted to she could come with her as her offering to the Ancestors. Luna ran with excitement to Anni-Jane to tell her the good news. Anni-Jane’s parents could not pay to keep her anymore, so it was a perfect arrangement.

Luna’s parents decided to adopt a child of their own so that Luna could go back to the Spirit world she loved. That night the two families gathered together on the top of a small mountain. They hugged and kissed goodbye, knowing that the girls would watch over them. Then Luna and Anni-Jane joined hands and said we wish to join Naomi in the Upper World. There was a green and blue flash and then all that was left was a shoe, red, with white polka-dots.

Luna and Anni-Jane got safely to the Upper World and played and played in the streams and forests with Naomi watching with a smile on her face.

The End.

By Lydia Chappell Deckert


  1. great story, lydia! thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. Lydia, you are an amazing writing...are there more chapters to come?? Sara